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Lawyers Order L.A. County to Stop Dig in Campo Santo

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The County of Los Angeles have been given cease-and-desist orders by lawyers regarding construction and excavations of human remains including Native Americans at the site of the Campo Santo. Nearly 120 sets of human remains have already been excavated at the site since October 2010, some as recently as February 12, 2011. The remains are currently at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

The letter was sent on behalf of Johntommy Rosas, a member of the Tongva Gabrielino Native American Tribe and a descendent of the Pobladores, who first settled El Pueblo de Los Angeles; and the Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal Nation (“TATTN”).
The requests are:

—Cease and desist any construction including ground-breaking and excavation work where remains have been found;
—Cease and desist any construction on the entire project site that now occupies over 4 acres; and
—Make reasonable good faith assurances that dialogue will begin between the County and Mr. Rosas, TATTN, the Tongva Gabrielino community, other Native Americans, and others whose ancestors have been laid to rest at the project site.

If the county doesn't cease, Rosas and TATTN will consider litigation under laws protecting Native Americans, sacred sites and historical resources.