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Larry Redhouse Trio scheduled for NMAI concert

TUSCON, Ariz. - From his home in Tuscon, world-class jazz musician Larry
Redhouse shared his fond memory of opening for Chick Corea. "That was a
special performance for me. I still consider that one of the highlights of
my career so far."

Redhouse's piano style is very defined, full of melodic progression and
rhythmic harmony. One of the very few Native jazz musicians around today,
(he is Navajo and Phillipino) Redhouse can easily hold his own to any of
Chick Corea's compositions or any other veteran fusion jazz pianist, for
that matter. He plays as part of the Larry Redhouse Trio. He is backed by
brother Lenny Redhouse on drums and Kirk Kuykendall on acoustic bass.

He considers the music of the '60s his early inspiration. He has been
playing piano for more than 30 years and distant echoes of Santana, Hendrix
and the Beatles are apparent in his recordings. He comes from a family of
six gifted musicians. "Being raised in Monterey, Calif. during that era was
a blessing." he said "I was motivated to learn drums, trumpet and
Latin-style percussion. Deep down, though, my inclination was always toward

Redhouse and his band have released two CDs to date, "The Special Step" and
"Live at the Westward Look." Both are stellar showcases of poetic, graceful
musical skill. Redhouse and his siblings released a collaboration CD in
1997 titled "Urban Indian", which was hailed by critics and jazz
aficionados everywhere.

There is little doubt that the Larry Redhouse Trio will dazzle the audience
during the preopening NMAI festivities concert at the Kennedy Center on
Sept. 19 at 7:30 p.m. They will headline at the nearby HR57 Jazz/Blues Club
on Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. The beautiful museum will provide the perfect
backdrop for their virtuosic, extraordinary music.

For bookings, tour information or other information visit or call (602) 547-0708.