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Lancaster Students Vote for 'Legends' Following Mascot Controversy

In March, the Lancaster School Board in upstate New York retired its controversial mascot, the 'Redskins,' but on Wednesday the students there voted to be the 'Legends.'

When the Lancaster School District in upstate New York retired its controversial Native American mascot in March, the question, then, became: what is the new mascot going to be?

That question was answered Wednesday after the student body there voted to be the ‘Lancaster Legends.’

During a special meeting on March 16, the Lancaster School Board announced the immediate retirement of the Lancaster ‘Redskins’ mascot, arguing the name is divisive and “is recognized as a symbol of ethnic stereotyping,” the school board said in a statement.

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The district had been mired in controversy after two rival schools refused to play Lancaster High School on account of its mascot and moniker.

The new mascot was decided by votes collected from the elementary, middle school and high school students in the district. Seventy-two percent of the students went to the polls and voted for one of seven mascots, which included the Redhawks, Dragons and Knights. Twenty-five percent of the vote chose ‘Legends,’ NBC News affiliate WGRZ reported.

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“A lot of students did vote for the name, so collectively everyone rallied together and accomplished the goal of choosing a new name," Lauren Budzich, a senior at Lancaster High School, told WGRZ.

On Monday, the Lancaster School Board will vote whether to institute the new mascot.

A new Lancaster School Board member and vocal advocate of the old mascot stirred controversy online after it was revealed she agrees Native Americans who are offended by the ‘Redskins’ mascot should “go back to the reservation.”

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Kelly Hughes Depczynski was elected to the Lancaster Central School Board on May 19. Depczynski recently changed her Facebook profile photo to an image that simply reads, in all caps, “Never back down.”

The new ‘Legends’ logo is of a knight and a sword.