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Lamberth grants plaintiff motion on trust records

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? Judge Royce C. Lamberth has granted an extension to the injunction against further movement of Individual Indian Trust (IIT) data in the Cobell v. Norton case (Civil action No. 1:96 CV 01285).

The motion was granted May 2 and filed May 3 in response to a 54-page motion filed by the Cobell camp in response to a report from the special master's report. Official court documents filed by the plaintiff said the remaining IIT records already not lost or destroyed were in imminent danger of such "because of the continuing malfeasance and the extraordinary incompetence of Secretary Norton and all her senior managers."

The current extension is for 10 days. The original restraining order was granted April 18. The Department of the Interior had filed a counter-motion requesting that another extension not be granted.

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