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Lamberth denies Department of Interior defense motion

Washington, D.C.?Elouise Cobell on her website,, released an official court order signed by U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth denying a Department of the Interior motion to not produce e-mails from August 2000 relating to her antitrust suit.

The ordered signed by Justice Lamberth March 29 states, "Upon consideration of the parties' memoranda, the applicable law, and record in this case, and for the reason set forth in the Special Master's opinion of July 30, 2001 [772] (which the court hereby adopts without objection), it is hereby ORDERED that the Defendant Department of the Interior's Motion For Protective Order Clarifying Duty to Produce E-Mail Records [538] is DENIED."

Interior had intended to submit storage media to the court that could have been manipulated or destroyed. This would have prevented "full disclosure" to the court and potentially could have constituted further grounds for contempt charges from Justice Lamberth.

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