Lake Erie Warriors Change Name to Eagles After Social Media Barrage

Change the name! Lake Erie Warriors listen and change their name to the Lake Erie Eagles.

After a National College Prospects Hockey League team was blasted on social media for a red-skinned Mohawk logo they released back in May, team owners responded by removing all of their social media accounts and changing their website information from the Lake Erie Warriors to the Lake Erie Eagles.

Though he was not able to yet make an official public statement, team co-owner Kyler Spiece told ICTMN he was changing the name in order to be respectful to Native American people.

Last week Spiece took down all of the social media accounts for the team as well as the website after several responses on social media complained that the logo was racist.

Spiece told ICTMN the team would be releasing a statement later this week and would also be willing to speak with Native tribes as a gesture of respect.

According to Spiece, after changing the name last Friday, the Lake Erie Eagles had a successful draft weekend and signed several new players.

For more information about The Lake Erie Eagles Hockey Club visit http://www.ncphl.com/ncphl-teams/lake-erie-eagles/team/team-home

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