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Kiribati Fishermen Rescued After Month Lost in Pacific

Two Kiribati fishermen were rescued after being adrift in the Pacific Ocean for almost a month.
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After almost a month adrift in the Pacific, surviving on raw fish and rain water, two fishermen from Kiribati, an island nation in the central tropical Pacific Ocean, were rescued by an American Samoa-based fishing vessel – Pacific Princess according to

Alfred Canepa, Pacific Princess skipper, said he spotted what appeared to be a small flock of birds on his radar while searching for tuna. Canepa said he went to check on his boat and luckily turned in the two fishermen’s direction.

The fishermen, aged 20 and 40, were swept out to sea on the currents when their aluminium boats motor gave out.

The men were taken on board and given water immediately to fight dehydration, before they asked to visit the ship’s chapel, where they prayed for three hours.

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The Pacific Princess reached the Solomon Islands capital Honiara on Monday and the men phoned family as arrangements were being made to return them to Kiribati.