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Kiowa look at building new casino

CARNEGIE, Okla. - The Kiowa Tribe in Oklahoma may be down, but it's not out. Just a month after the National Indian Gaming Commission closed the tribal casino for illegal gaming machines at the facility, the tribe is being approached by casino management groups about building a new casino.

The Kiowa Business Committee and new chairman Billy Evans Horse met with representatives of Multimedia Entertainment Games in Oklahoma recently to discuss proposed construction of a new gaming center. It would be near Devol, close to the Texas border.

The proposal is supposed to net the tribe $1.4 million during its first year of operation and create more than 800 jobs. It would have four restaurants, a casino, a children's entertainment center and a bus driver's lounge as amenities.

Cost of the proposed entertainment center is estimated at $27 million for a 95,000 square foot facility.

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No plans have been announced as to how the tribe would finance the facility. Recently the Associated Press reported that although investors had been lined up to assist in the financing, tribal politics kept the deal from going through.

Many tribal members are skeptical about going into another gaming venture while the one the tribe owns is under investigation. Members of the business committee have also voiced concerns about building a new casino before a determination has been made on the investigation into the gaming operation in Carnegie.

Some $2 million was unaccounted for and Class III gaming devices were being operated in the casino. Horse said he believes the tribe has to continue to move forward because, "Our people are starving. We need something."