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Kick the Habit With the American Cancer Society

Thursday, November 17 marks the American Cancer Society’s 36th annual Great American Smokeout. It’s a day to encourage smokers nationwide to quit or to make a plan to quit. And to make it easier for you, here are four tips to help you kick the habit for good!

4 Tips to help you Stop Smoking:

1. Pick a date to quit. Whether you choose the Great American Smokeout date as your quit day or another day, give yourself some sort of timeline to quit. A timeline holds you accountable. Set the date with a “quit clock” which has all kinds of cool tips and support at

2.Pick a reason to quit. Is it your mom? Your dad? Your kids? If you need a health reason, we’ve got lots of them: check out the American Cancer Society What Causes Cancersection, where you can learn more about cigarette use and how it affects people. And if you need another reason to quit smoking, we’ve got a cigarette cost calculator that will tell you how much money you’re throwing away on cigarettes—a great motivator to quit! Whatever your reason,focus on how having healthy lungs will positively impact your life. Picture yourself not smoking and having more vitality and energy to do all the things you love!

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3. Have a back-up plan ready. Cravings may come. But you can beat ‘em. The American Cancer Society has tools to help you through—like a crave button that helps you beat the urge to smoke when cravings hit and a memory game to distract you. Download it to your desktop at You can also try replacing your habit to smoke with another behavior like chewing sugar-free gum, or snacking on fruit, veggies or pretzels.

4. Replace the bad habit with a good one. Exercise can help. For tips on how to make exercise fun and be creative with your workout, visit: http:/ Working out has been shown to help smokers kick the habit.

Join the Study: Interested in quitting? We’re conducting a study to see whether a new email program can help with quitting smoking. If eligible, you’ll be compensated for your feedback. Click here: E-Quit Surveyto see if you’re eligible.

On the White House blog, President Barack Obama applauds those taking part in the "Today's Great American Smokeout."

Watch a video of President Obama congratulating everyone participating in this important event. His actions underscore the Administration’s commitment to fighting tobacco use.