Keweenaw Bay Indian Community of L'Anse and Ontonagon Bands of Chippewa, Michigan


The community believes an unverified report of Indian burial grounds on Mount Bohemia. "We feel that the sources are credible and in fact some remains were found," tribal spokesman Rich Rossway said. "Based on the conversations we've had, we feel that this is not a rumor." The story surfaced in early July after the tribe sent developer Crosswinds Communities a letter asking that work on the ski hill be stopped until a cultural survey is conducted with tribal involvement. Chairman Richard Shalifoe wrote that "burial mounds have been located, and reports that remains have been unearthed on Mount Bohemia have been reported to this community." Rossway said the remains were supposedly found by one of the workers on the mountain. "Apparently one of the equipment operators had found something, and he was concerned, so he told some friends and they called the tribe," Rossway told The Daily Mining Gazette for a July 8 story. What's unclear, however, is who reported the remains, what specific remains were found, where they were found, where they're being kept now and how it's known if the remains are of American Indians. The mountain, northwest of Lac La Belle, also was mined for copper in the 1800s.