Keweenaw Bay Indian Community


The community wants construction halted on a ski hill on Mount Bohemia to allow an investigation of whether Native remains are buried at the site. "All the tribe would like to do is work with them in terms of providing a thorough archaeological site investigation,'' tribal spokesman Rich Rossway said. "We just feel we need to have input and the tribe has never been contacted.'' Lonie Glieberman, a spokesman for Crosswinds Inc., based in Novi, said no human remains had been found. "We aren't finding artifacts in cutting trees down,'' Glieberman told The Daily Mining Gazette of Houghton for a story June 30. Construction will continue, he said, but the company has decided to hold off building a planned lodge in one area "in sensitivity to their concerns. ... This project has been in the works for three years. We're confused why nobody's contacted us earlier." Rossway said the tribe does not oppose the development. The June 28 letter noted a Native village once was located in the area, with ceremonial grounds, burial grounds, and sacred fasting places. Crosswinds Inc. announced it was posting no-trespassing signs on Mount Bohemia until construction of the ski hill is completed this fall.