Kenny Dobbs Headed Back to Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown Over NBA All Star Weekend


When Kenny Dobbs, Choctaw, competed in the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown during the NBA All-Star contest in 2010, his first dunk earned him a perfect 10 and a standing ovation. His second dunk, however, earned him a broken wrist, ending Kenny’s night. One of his main rivals, The Air up There, took the title, and Kenny’s never forgotten it.

Well, Kenny’s was recently selected to compete in the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown contest in Orlando over the NBA All-Star Weekend on February 24, and he's given Indian Country Today Media Network a hot tip: he's invented a new dunk, and he's got a special friend helping him with it.

"Now I'm back with something to prove for myself and the fans across the globe! I have a brand new dunk that a special guest is coming on court to assist me with. Since the NBA wouldn't let me jump over a car, they granted my next request (which he's keeping a secret for now) so this is going to be something special."

Kenny's doing a whole lot more than preparing for another nationally spotlighted dunk contest—he's traveling through Indian Country in an effort to speak to Native youth on the importance of staying on the right path and always keep their future in focus.

"I will be traveling to vist three Native communities this month prior to the dunk contest, focussing on speaking to the youth about not giving up, making their second chances count, and not taking what they have for granted," he said. "I know im talking like I won the contest already but I've trained so hard this past month I feel like I am a champion already. If I win I get a Sprite check for $10,000, and I will be presenting the winner of the NBA dunk contest with their trophy."

We're rooting for you, Kenny. In the dunk contest, and, more importantly, in getting through to the kids you speak to.