Keeping Inuit Students Engaged: School Programs Incorporate Inuktitut, Day Care


Earlier this week we brought you Fiona Walton, a professor of education at Prince Edward Island University and recent winner of a 2012 3M National Teaching Fellowship, a prize bestowed annually by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and the company 3M.

Below, a video she coordinated profiles unique school programs in Nunavut that integrate Inuit culture into the curriculum to keep students engaged. Single mothers such as 19-year-old Eva Kakkik, who might not otherwise graduate from high school, are now able to finish their education thanks to on-site day-care service in one school, which enables her to see her 3-year-old son throughout the day.

The new Education Act in Nunavut enables district education authorities to work closely with schools, the video points out. It is transforming education. Inuit values are incorporated into training, and the school endeavors to teach students to believe in themselves—a key component to success in any arena.

This half-hour Inuit-language documentary produced by Mark Sandiford is subtitled in English.