Julia Jones and Maggie Grace Spotted at New Year's Eve Festivities


On New Year's Eve, actress Julia Jones, Chickasaw/Choctaw, was spotted partying with actress Maggie Grace, one of her co-stars from the Twilight Saga movies.

A photograph of Jones and Grace showed up on the popular blog TerrysDiary.com, a near-constant feed of visuals provided by photographer Terry Richardson. 

A story at examiner.com explains that the two young stars "have become good friends ever since joining the Twilight Saga and filming together in Baton Rouge, Louisiana," and are part of a tight Twilight crew that also includes Mia Maestro, Casey LaBow, Christian Camargo, and Lee Pace. In the movies, Jones is affiliated with the "Wolfpack," shape-shifting members of the Quileute Tribe, while Grace and the other actors mentioned play vampires.

Jones' post-Twilight film work (the series' final installment, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, showed in theaters in the fall) includes the Native-themed movies Winter in the Blood and California Indian.