Jude Schimmel Has Arrived! Lady Card Has First Double-Double of the Season


Jude Schimmel had her best game of the season Monday night.

The senior guard scored 12 points, had 10 assists and six rebounds, marking the University of Louisville Cardinals’s second-highest scoring total of the season. The Lady Cards boomed past Old Dominion, 100-46 to rebound from a tough loss to No. 8 Kentucky last week.

"We played the best I think we've played all year," Lady Cards Coach Jeff Walz said.

Schimmel said the team’s effort was a factor in her first double-double of the season. “Yeah, without a doubt. I feel like I put a lot of work in this summer to play a bigger role on the team, but honestly, without my teammates and coaches, none of that would have been possible.”

Schimmel, who had her first double-digits game of the season against University of Tennessee at Martin in November, has had a relatively steady season but some fans think that Schimmel has been stymied because of her low scoring average.

Walz explained. “Jude played a great game against Iowa and didn’t score a point, and that’s part of the problem that you deal with in today’s society of fans and social media. It’s like, ‘Man, Jude, what happened? You didn’t score.’ And it puts pressure on them as players like, ‘Yeah, oh man, I didn’t play well.’ The play tonight that I think just solidifies everything I’m trying to tell Jude is, in transition, Jude does a great job of getting the ball up the floor. She gets by two [defenders], she hits Mariya [Moore] cutting, and then Mariya hits Sara [Hammond] for a layup. Nothing that Jude did on that play is on the stat sheet, not one thing. And for people to just look at the stat sheet and go, ‘Man, you didn’t score, you didn’t do this.’ They don’t understand, she’s the one that led to the assist to the score. And that’s what a good point guard does.”

Jude said that as much as her team relies on her, she relies on her team. “My shots haven’t really been falling and sometimes I get frustrated with that, but my coach and my teammates keep telling me that that’s not all it’s about,” Schimmel said. “I understand that, but coach Walz keeps telling me that if my shots aren’t falling then to look at my teammates and the scoring will come easy.”

The Cardinals (9-1) shot 52 percent from the field, including 64.3 percent from 3-point range. Freshman Mariya Moore scored 15 points and Sarah Hammond put up 14.

Next up, Louisville plays Grand Canyon University in Arizona on Thursday.