Journalism Project on Native Women Gets $150K

Native Daughters magazine, published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, recently received a donation enabling a second magazine to be started. The second magazine will focus on Native American women of Oklahoma.

Native Daughters, a journalism project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) featuring prominent Native American women, recently received a donation of $150,000 from a reader.

The Journal Star reports that after reading the first Native Daughters magazine, Ginette Overall, a Native Oklahoma business woman decided to donate $150,000 to be used for a Native Daughters II magazine.

“It’s the first publication I’ve ever picked up in my life that I could clearly see myself in, that I felt was written for me,” Overall, who is Creek and Muskogee, told the Journal Star. She is CEO of a power generator company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to Joe Starita, a UNL journalism professor who helped students with the first magazine, the second magazine will focus on Native women of Oklahoma. Work on it will begin this fall.

“It’s just unleashed this tidal wave of responses of Native American women in the United States,” Starita told the Journal Star about the first magazine. “They just want to wrap their arms around it and hold on to it.”

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