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Jon Stewart Said He's Leaving 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart announced Tuesday he's leaving 'The Daily Show'; Comedy Central Confirmed the news in a tweet.

He made a career out of satirizing political gaffes. He poked relentless fun at celebrities who found themselves in his crosshairs. But soon that will all be at an end since Jon Stewart announced Tuesday he will be stepping down as the host of The Daily Show. Comedy Central confirmed the news in a tweet, adding Stewart will make his exit later this year.

Stewart and his team of comedy writers took on the Washington football team and its offensive name in September 2013 when they pitted a group of Native Americans against a group of fans. The segment prompted national attention after the fans who participated in the segment said they felt ambushed.

Stewart responded by saying the fans were not mislead. "If we find out that someone in a piece was intentionally mislead, or if their comments were intentionally mislead, we do not air that piece, we would not air that piece," he said.

Stewart's announcement comes only months after Stephen Colbert left TheColbert Report to helm CBS' TheLate Show. David Letterman, the current host, will end his three-decade long career in May, Bill Carter of The New York Timesreported.

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Comedy Central did not mention who, if anyone, is to replace Stewart.