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Joe Ciampini joins Berg Intergrated Systems

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WORLEY, IDAHO – Berg Integrated Systems, an enterprise of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, hired Joe Ciampini as Program Manager of the Expandable Shelter System (ESS).

Ciampini had been working as a consultant to the Republic of Macedonia Ministry of Defense. He has now assumed the responsibilities of running the BIS Metalworks division Sales and Marketing.

“We needed someone who can focus solely on the growth side of Metalworks,” said John Dickson, General Manager of Berg Integrated Systems. “Ciampini will help to develop a strong process for the sales and marketing of our current and future product lines.”

Berg is currently working with SAIC, an integral part of our Industrial Networking Team, on the marketing and sales of the ESS. SAIC has been a key player in the distribution and sales of the ESS from the beginning and Ciampini will be working closely with the Fortune 500 Company to expand on our current product line and focus on product development.

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“My primary focus with Berg Integrated Systems is as Program Manager of the Expandable Shelter System,” Ciampini said. “I feel strongly about the quality of the ESS and am proud to be representing the product.”

Ciampini joined Berg Integrated Systems with more than 25 years of executive, operational and consulting experience with the U.S. Army and the U.S. State Department. When Ciampini was with the U.S. Army, he was part of the senior consulting team responsible for leading both training and logistics programs. He has worked with both military and commercial customers and will be an excellent addition to the Berg team.

Berg Integrated Systems, an 8a company, employs about 70 people and has manufacturing facilities in Worley and Plummer. The tribe owns a majority interest in the company.