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Joe Arpaio's Officers Turn in Badges Following Immigration Violations

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Following a Justice Department report accusing the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, led by sheriff Joe Arpaio, of violating civil rights and discriminating against Latino residents and inmates, Arpaio led 92 detention officers at a news conference December 21, where they turned in their Immigration and Customs Enforcement credentials according to an article in The Arizona Republic.

Before the move, Arpaio’s officers, since 2007, screened nearly 475,000 inmates placing 44,000 inmates preventing them from leaving jail until federal officials review their files.

The Department of Homeland Security made it known there is a contingency plan in place, as 50 immigration officers will be dedicated to enforce immigration laws at the jail. They will provide coverage around the clock at the jail and will solely focus on responding, apprehending and arresting people for federal immigration violations.

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