Joba Chamberlain Knows the Linsanity of Jeremy Lin


Joba Chamberlain, Winnebago, told the New York Postthat not only is he excited about the rise of the New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin, he also understands what he's going through.

“I’m happy for him,’’ Chamberlain told the Post. “He’s somebody who worked so hard, got cut and was told he wasn’t supposed to be anything, and look what happens. All you can say to those guys is thank you for giving me that opportunity and cutting me.It’s an incredible feeling, I can kind of understand what he is going through."

Joba can relate because the big pitcher broke out for the Yankees in 2007. The stage is bigger and the lights are brighter in the Big Apple.

There’s nothing that can describe that feeling. There are very few people in New York that have done that and I’m proud to say I’m one.’’

For many athletes, the New York stage can be too bright. “It’s hard to be able to step out of your own box and look at everything that is going on because it is going so fast," Chamberlain told the Post. "Now I’ve had a lot of time to be able to do that in the past year. Your game of life is long, but your game of basketball and baseball is really short and you have to be able to take advantage of that."

Chamberlain has some advice for Lin going forward. Mainly, learn how to say no to some of the many opportunities that will flood Lin's way. "I didn’t do that enough,’’ Chamberlain told the Post. “I didn’t know anybody and I wanted to take advantage of everything I could. It doesn’t last forever. He’s got a little more smarts than I do so he has something to fall back on, but just to be able to enjoy it and be thankful for that but it can become a lot.’’