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JOB: Fort Berthold Housing Authority Seeks Grant Writer

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Barb Pegg, Executive Director

P.O. Box 310

New Town, ND 58763

Office Physical Address: Highway 1804 North, Dakota Drive

Telephone No. 701.627.4731 Fax No. 701.627.3802

Toll Free 1-800-535-5621




The Fort Berthold Housing Authority (FBHA) is a tribally designated housing entity operating on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, North Dakota, primarily under the HUD Native American Housing Assistance and Self-determination Act (NAHASDA).

Scope of Services

The FBHA seeks an experienced and qualified grant writer or a combination of experienced, qualified grant writers to successfully pursue and obtain project funds for the Fort Berthold Housing Authority (FBHA). The length of contract is anticipated to be twelve months; however contract length is tied to fund availability and need. Successful respondents must be familiar with affordable housing programs, relevant sources of funding, federal and Indian housing programs and in particular U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) NAHASDA regulations and procedures. The grant writer(s) shall research appropriate funding sources and complete proposals or applications in accordance with guidelines as specified by the funding sources.

Payment for Services/Contract Structure

The successful candidate will correspond directly with the Executive Director. The grant writer will seek to find funding sources which would meet the needs of the FBHA. Upon identification of a potential source agreed upon by the FBHA, the grant writer will be paid a $200.00 initialization fee. Upon successful submittal of the grant application (accepted by the grantor agency), the grant writer will be paid $1,000.00. If the application is awarded, the grant writer will be paid 5% of the award up to a maximum of $5,000.00 per grant award.

Evaluation of Responses and Selection Criteria

An evaluation panel convened by FBHA will review, evaluate and rate each responsive submittal based on criteria outlined in the following section of this document.

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Selection of a writer or writers will be based on the following criteria:

  • Experience, capability and technical competence to perform project grant writing – 30 points
  • Knowledge of Indian housing related projects – 20 points
  • Demonstrated proficiency in grant writing – 20 points
  • Project approach and philosophy – 20 points
  • Indian Preference – 10 points

TOTAL 100 points (maximum)


  1. The FBHA reserves the right to negotiate with one or more respondents and as a result of that process, enter into a best and final negotiation with one or more respondents. FBHA reserves the right to reject all proposals.
  2. FBHA reserves the right to reject a proposal as non-responsive that deviates from the scope of the RFP and/or omits any of the required submission items.

Submission Procedure

Interested grant writers are to submit one original copy of their proposal and qualifications to the FBHA by mail or personal delivery containing the following information:

  1. Letter of interest identifying the names and qualifications of the grant writer(s).
  2. Response narrative describing methodology that would be employed in identifying, preparing, obtaining and submitting proposals/applications.
  3. References including names, addresses, phone numbers and brief description of work performed.

Grant writing professionals interested in submitting proposals are to submit completed proposals to the following address on or before 4:30 pm C.S.T., February 11, 2011:

Fort Berthold Housing Authority

Attention: Enola Pond, Contracting Officer

P.O. Box 310

New Town, ND 58763

  • Proposals shall be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Grant Writing Proposal” in the lower left corner and shall have the submitters name and return address in the upper left corner. Faxed responses are not acceptable.
  • Correction or withdrawal of a proposal must be made prior to the closing date and must be clearly labeled “Proposal Modification” or “Proposal Withdrawal”.
  • The FBHA shall evaluate all proposals; selection and award will be based on relevant past grant writing success, ability to meet the schedule and proposed fee schedule.

The FBHA reserves the right to request additional information from any respondent after the response deadline. FBHA also reserves the right to reject any and all parts of this RFP, postpone or cancel the RFP process any time, and to waive any minor irregularities in this RFP or in the responses received.

Indian Preference will be exercised.