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Jenner Responds to 'Indian Giver' Backlash

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Kris Jenner, momager to the Kardashians, responded to an e-mail request from Tara J. Ryan, who asked her to publicly apologize for using the racist term "Indian giver" during a November 3 episode of Good Morning America.

Ryan, the Chickasaw/Choctaw president and owner of Tiger Lily Co.—a Native American arts and entertainment organization—took the time to contact Jenner directly pointing out not only the racist term but her daughter Kourtney Kardashian's Pocahontas costume.

"A family of people in this case, specifically two persons, who very publicly on National television in one week, in the very month that is supposed to be a teaching and learning month that is National Native American Heritage month (November) are in a 'bubble' of ignorance, especially ridiculous since you are surrounded by so many people of color and your children and late ex-husband are of Armenian descent," Ryan wrote to Jenner November 3 according to Newspaper Rock. She went on to ask Jenner for a "real, genuine public apology."

Jenner responded saying she is "truly sorry" and that she "had no intention of hurting or offending anyone." She chalked up the comment to being put on the spot and said "because of my dry sarcastic personality I was apparently trying to find a bit of levity in a really tough situation."

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She went on to explain how it was a common phrase growing up: "I grew up in the 60's and in school it was a silly think (sic) kids would say if you took back a gift etc and I'm sure kids never gave it a second thought as to the kind of pain it could cause...but I get it and profusely apologize."

As to her daughter's costume choice, Jenner attributed that to Kourtney's fashion sense, saying her daughter is "inspired by the indian community and the amazing native style."

Ryan was not impressed with Jenner's response though. She pointed out in an analysis of the exchange that Kourtney's fashion choices don't dictate how the Native American community will feel about them. "This clearly indicates that she [Jenner] sees nothing wrong with the statements she made, and her daughter's actions, and in fact believes because it's members of her family doing and saying these things that we should somehow be honored."