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Jedis and Indians! Live From the 'Navajo Star Wars' Premiere (Video)

A video about the premiere of Navajo Star Wars, which took place on the Navajo Nation on July 3

The movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope may be more than 35 years old, but it got a new life July 3 when a version dubbed into the Navajo (or Dine') language premiered in Window Rock, Arizona. "Navajo Star Wars," as it's been called, was a partnership between Lucasfilm and the Navajo people, and is part of the effort to get current and future generations interested in the Navajo language. Judging by the reactions, it seems to have worked -- the roughly 200 people who filled a rodeo stadium that night erupted in cheers and screams when they heard familiar characters like C-3PO and Darth Vader delivering classic dialogue in their beloved Dine' language.

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