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Jaylen Fryberg Was 'Living Hope' For Tulalip Tribe, Editorial Says

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Jaylen Fryberg earned each feather on his headdress. He was an avid outdoorsman and high school athlete. He was Marysville-Pilchuck’s homecoming prince.

His life did not fit the mold of a how the media describes a typical school shooter: aloof and unfeeling.

Andrew Gobin, a member of the Tulalip tribe and reporter/intern at theDaily Herald, said that Fryberg was the “living hope for the tribes’ future.” In his article, “School shooter raised in Tulalip traditions; his actions defy explanation,” Gobin says that Fryberg should not be remembered just for this tragic act.

“What do you say about a young man whose actions forever changed the lives of so many? You can seek rhyme and reason, you can analyze his troubles, you can gaze into the abyss of disbelief.

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This is not about gun control, this is not about how a community failed a young man, and it's not about using his troubles to solve everyone's problems.

Strangers are telling Jaylen Fryberg's story. Strangers who never met him.

What do you say about a boy? You say who he was.”

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