Jacoby Ellsbury Back Just in Time to Save the Red Sox Season?


Jacoby Ellsbury's return to the Boston Red Sox couldn't come any sooner. The Navajo and Colorado River Indian Tribe member is back from his shoulder injury and joining a team that sits at .500 a day after the All-Star break.

Ellsbury joins a team in the midst of a season that the Boston Heralddescribed as a "joyless, boring, uninspiring." Ellsbury's presence in the lineup tonight could be just the jolt the team needs, yet even manager Bobby Valentine warns that one guy can't turn around an entire season.

“I think it’s overstated .?.?. pitchers have to pitch, guys have to catch the ball, people have to hit. I think just having him, not in a game but having him the rest of the season, is what it’s all about. I don’t think one person, one game, makes all the difference," Valentine said to the Herald.

With that said, Ellsbury is a bona fide superstar (when healthy, of course) who had one of the most impressive seasons for a leadoff hitter and centerfielder in baseball history last season. He's going to have to knock the rust off, however, as he's not played a major league game since he injured his shoulder on April 13.