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Ivy League Recruitment for Choctaw Students

Native American Choctaw students get a chance for one-on-one attention from representatives of Ivy League schools at an upcoming recruitment event.
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Instead of trying to visit a bunch of colleges, which can be difficult logistically and on family budgets, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s Scholarship Advisement Program (SAP) will host a two-day college recruitment event featuring more than 35 schools.

Some represented colleges include Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, Purdue, Duke and Johns Hopkins University; and each college representative comes prepared to discuss their school’s Native American organizations, specialty housing and relevant majors and courses.

“Ivy League & Friends is unique in that it offers an inside look into these colleges, with a Native American lens,” states a press release. “By talking with a college representative as well as attending the representatives’ informational sessions, students can learn whether certain selective colleges are interesting to them, if they offer majors and programs that are particularly intriguing, and find out whether they have the resume and test scores and academic history that it takes to get in.”

The program has helped a number of first-generation college students in the past, including Jamie Ishcomer, who is now pursuing a dual master’s degree in social work and public health at Washington University. “Being the first in my family to graduate from college and pursue a master’s degree I was uncertain of everything from how to research the best programs to how to even apply to graduate school. The Ivy League and Friends event gave me information on everything from tips on searching for programs, where to find scholarships, and how to successfully apply for graduate school.”

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The event will be held November 4-5 at the Choctaw Nation Resort & Event Center in Durant, Oklahoma. For more information, including a full list of attending colleges visit the SAP website.

In this video from the 2010 Ivy League & Friends event, see some of the college representatives speaking:

In this video, see what some parents thought about the 2010 event: