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It’s Winter, it’s Santa Fe, it’s Santa Fe Winter Indian Market

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SWAIA’s 8th Annual Winter Indian Market takes place, as always, after Thanksgiving, this year it’s November 30-December 1. Over 200 Native artists will be at the Santa Fe Convention Center in a more intimate setting, with special Open Studio booths, youth artist area, performances and screenings of SWAIA’s 2013 Indian Market Class X film winners. World Champion Hoop Dancer and Cirque du Soleil performer Nakotah LaRance will perform "The Immersion," in collaboration with Brian Frejo, who will play traditional flute, hand drum and a mix of hip hop beats. The Open Studio participants will be award-winning artists Troy Jackson, Teri & Aaron Cajero, Bryant Honyouti, Sheldon Harvey and Earl Plummer. NextGen Performing Artists Workshop Showcase will feature “Release” on Saturday at 3pm. There’s also a Fashion Row for Native Designers, and the usual silent auction benefit with pieces donated by the Artists. This event met the wishes of artists to develop a winter market, and it became successful for SWAIA and the city, and now other winter markets and fiestas have popped up. It moved around Santa Fe while the new Sweeney Convention Center was being built and was one of the first big exhibits in the Convention Center, always returning after Thanksgiving.

'Removal: Ancestral Homeland and Indian Territory' by Shan Goshorn. Image source:

Because it’s Santa Fe you will find other exciting events to attend, do some serious shopping and collecting, and meet old and new friends. The Pablita Velarde Museum for Indian Women in the Arts (PVMIWA, or “PVMyWay”) is having an opening Saturday the 30th, for an exhibit titled “A Gathering of the Dolls”, PVMIWA is located at 213 Cathedral Place, Santa Fe, (505) 988-8900. Traditional Dolls have been a hot collector’s category for years now. The artists are all very well-known and some are in town for the Winter Market: Sun Rose Iron Shell, Kay Bennett, Naomi Bebo, Margaret Wood, Jodi Webster, Nani Chacon, Glenda McKay, Jhane Myers, Rose B. Simpson, Sheridan MacKnight, and Pablita Velarde. Amber Dawn Bear Robe is the new director ( and she’s also heading up a crazy “Ugly Christmas Sweater Fund Raiser” for PVMIWA at the Pink Adobe Restaurant on December 21.

'Stereotype: The Stefani' by Canupa Hanska Luger

The following weekend, Friday Dec 6, MoCNA will host a rare event, a performance & reception for Cannupa Hanksa Luger’s exhibition, STEREOTYPE: “Misconceptions of the Native American”, a mixed media installation of ceramic boom-boxes depicting pop-culture Native stereotypes (the Drew Barrymore, the Gwen Stefani, the Victoria’s Secret, the Dream Catcher, the Edward Curtis, and his own, Stereotype: The Luger). As he says, “I am but one filter understanding culture. If I am going to point the finger, I must point it back at myself. There is no way all the layers of the Native American can be summed up in a single art piece. We as human beings are multi-faceted…”

For the performance Destroying the Stereotype, Cannupa Hanska Luger will destroy the "stereotypes" embodying his sculptures and invites the community to come and witness the destruction, Friday December 6, 1-4 pm. The remains of the destroyed ceramic sculptures will be on view for the duration of the exhibition until December 31, 2013. Luger says about this event: “With this performance I do not have any great hope in ending Native stereotypes or stereotypes in general, but I do believe it will help to lift the burden of these stereotypes off of both Native peoples and non-Natives…These stereotypes will do more good in their destruction than remaining objects that may be misinterpreted.” Contact: , or Andrea Hanley, public education director at MoCNA, , (505) 424-5907.

Alex Jacobs

Santa Fe

Alex Jacobs, Mohawk, is a visual artist and poet living in Santa Fe.