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It's Shoni's World! Highlight Reel of MVP Shoni Schimmel in WNBA All-Star Game

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If you missed the WNBA All-Star Game on July 19, here’s a recap with some of Shoni Schimmel’s most exciting moments.

Schimmel, in her rookie year withthe Atlanta Dream, hit a WNBA All-Star record with 29 points, helping the East defeat the West in a 125-124 final.

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“Being Native American, it’s a huge accomplishment to go out there and be in the WNBA,” Schimmel told the AP. “To have the fans look up to me and to a role model not only for my siblings but also the Native American fans, the Native American people. It’s huge. I take on my shoulders because I enjoy it.”

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Watch the highlights below.