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It's Rock Your Mocs Day! Mocs Are Being Rocked [20 More Pictures]

Photos pulled from the internet of Native Americans and First Nations people wearing moccasins as a show of Native pride. #RockUrMocs #RockYourMocs
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We've reached the midpoint of Native American Heritage Month -- November 15, in recent years known as Rock Your Mocs day. Natives all over Turtle Island have stepped into stylish traditional footwear and many of them are showing off on social media (follow tags like #rockurmocs and #rockyourmocs). Sites like Twitter and Instagram are full of images of moccasin (and the occasional mukluk -- we'll allow it)-clad feet -- our selection below includes moccasins chilling on corporate carpet, padding through the grass, repping in Washington, DC, lounging upon a desk (careful you don't tip that cup of Tim Horton's coffee, eh), and prowling the streets of New York City in the wee small hours. Again you may see some Indian country celebs (like Mike Bone and Inez Jasper) but the bulk of moc-rockers are regular folk who are just proud of their heritage.

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Have you rocked yours yet? Clock's ticking. 

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