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It’s all good

I am a 40-something Generation X entrepreneur. I am one of the 44 million to 50 million Americans born between 1961 and 1981. Gen Xers are independent, resourceful, technologically adept and we value a balance between work and life.

Our generation is more ethnically diverse and more than 60 percent of us attended college. We have been nicknamed the “13th Generation” because our parents were more likely to divorce and we were latchkey kids. We had to overcome adversity and carry on. I tell myself we did an outstanding job of surviving and thriving.

I am somewhere in the middle of my life. I am not going back but I am trying to find my way forward. I want to look better, feel better and be better as I cruise toward my 50s. I won’t be having a midlife crisis. I intend, with complete Gen X optimism, to make midlife a positive experience. I want to jump on Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” bandwagon! Count me in for wellness, spiritual awakening and anti-aging.

I wonder what my best life would be like.

Would my urge to skip a workout go away? Would I be less stressed because I’m living every moment in the present? Would the magic cream that reduces wrinkles by half and costs $350 make me a new woman? Would I stop wishing I lived in “that house” and had “that job” and drove “that car?” Would I find my true calling and live with purpose?

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Oh, please! Most days I wonder how I am going to invest in my best life while I juggle family and business obligations. My teenagers know it all, an empty nest is around the corner, I have aging parents who need my attention and I run a growing company with my husband and sister. These are all ingredients for a perfect storm or a nervous breakdown.

I am emotional. I freak out. I sugar binge. I don’t have many hobbies and I burn dinner often. I am like everybody out there who buys self-help books, attends yoga retreats and reads O magazine. I am not perfect and I need guidance to handle stress, feel great and deal with life.

One thing I am good at is turning lemons into lemonade. I am creative and inquisitive. I am a glass-half-full person. I am adventurous and open to possibilities. So with great gusto (to avoid the breakdown) and a whole lot of courage, I am beginning my journey and documenting it in this column about wellness. In it, I will share with you my experiences as I find my best life. I’m thinking that actually living it will follow closely behind. I’ll explore topics like fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, spirituality and anti-aging. Who knows if any of this will help, but let’s find out.

Since this column has such purpose, I wondered what I would call it. I didn’t want the title to sound New Age-y. I didn’t want to be mistaken as an expert or guru of health and wellness, so my title couldn’t sound too authoritative. I wanted the title to be a fair reflection of where I am in my life. I live and learn like everyone else. I thought of one of my favorite phrases: “It’s all good.” It’s honest and gracious. It can be a positive mantra when you need to reassure yourself. (Try saying it five times under your breath before you head into a big meeting. It works!) My favorite definition of this phrase comes from “Despite any possible doubt, everything is cool.” Hey, that sounds like my life!

I welcome you to the debut of my column, “It’s all good.” My guess is that you are like me and want to know more about products and practices that we can use for self-improvement. We can’t be new again but we can feel better, look better and age with grace. Education, inspiration and awareness are great steps toward living our best lives. Working at it is up to us. Nobody has it completely figured out, but let’s get moving in the right direction, shall we? I would love to hear from you, so please comment or e-mail your thoughts. … it’s all good.

Monica Simeon is an enrolled member of the Spokane Tribe. She is CEO and principal partner of Sister Sky. She can be reached at