It’s Native, to Boot! Cree Nisga’a Clothing at NYC’s Couture Fashion Week

An assortment of Cree Nisga'a boots worn by models at a recent fundraiser.

Indian Country Today

It’s Native, to Boot! Cree Nisga’a Clothing at NYC’s Couture Fashion Week

Tonight, the four-day event known as Couture Fashion Week kicks off in New York City, and three Native designer operations are scheduled to show their work on Friday night. One of these is Cree Nisga'a Clothing, First Nations designers Linda Lavallee and Luugigyoo Patrick Stewart from Montreal Lake Cree Nation. Cree Nisga'a creates custom-fitted boots that are hand-painted or airbrushed with unique designs.

Excitement is clearly running high for the Chilliwack, British Columbia designers. Earlier today, Lavallee wrote on the official Facebook page, "So far New York is AMAZING!! Fittings went well yesterday.. Looking forward to showing you my new stuff!!! Tomorrow , Tomorrow, Tomorrow!!!"

Cree Nisga'a creations are used to the spotlight: Michelle Thrush wore a pair while in Cannes for the premiere of Jimmy P., and Saginaw Grant wore a custom-designed jacket at the Anaheim premiere of The Lone Ranger. According to, the work being shown in New York will be made from "a mixture of fabrics, from leather, cedar and birch bark to cotton, wool and ultra-suede in traditional Nisga’a and Cree colors featuring red, white and black." Some of the photos below were taken byLeftboot Productions.