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Is 'Tonto's Giant Nuts' a Good Name for Johnny Depp's Band?

Johnny Depp, the actor who will play Tonto in the Disney film 'The Lone Ranger,' has recorded three songs using the band name Tonto's Giant Nuts.
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On the soundtrack to the 2003 film Once Upon a Time in Mexico, track 9 is an interesting one:

9. "Sands Theme" by Tonto's Giant Nuts

The existence of an act called Tonto's Giant Nuts (you can check it on Amazon) is mildly noteworthy given the current interest in all things Tonto, who will be played by Johnny Depp in Disney's The Lone Ranger, coming to theaters July 3.

It gets a little more interesting when you learn that Tonto's Giant Nuts is Johnny Depp.

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And it wasn't a one-off. Tonto's Giant Nuts resurfaced earlier this year, on the compilation West of Memphis: Voices for Justice. The CD is a collection of "music from and inspired by West of Memphis," a documentary about the West Memphis 3. Track 5 on the disc is a cover of Mumford & Sons' "Little Lion Man," credited to "Tonto's Giant Nuts feat. Johnny Depp & Bruce Witkin." Track 14 is "Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 16," credited to "Tonto's Giant Nuts feat. Johnny Depp (feat. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis original score)."

Here's the tune from 20o3 and one of the two from 2013 -- if you're in a musical mood and like it a bit noisy, kick back and enjoy Tonto's Giant Nuts: