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Iroquois Condolence Ceremony

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On Memorial Day, an Iroquois Condolence Ceremony was held at Arlington National Cemetery. This ceremony, deeply rooted in solemn tradition, has the dual role of consoling the survivors of fallen heroes while celebrating the ability of the living to gather for the occasion. The ceremony included the Thanksgiving Address of the People of the Iroquois Confederacy, words of condolence from attending dignitaries, and the burning of sacred tobacco. Pictured: (foreground) Ed Benedict, member of the Mohawk Nation; (Back - left to right): Clint Hill, Turtle Clan Representative, Oneida Nation Men's Council; Brian Patterson, Bear Clan Representative, Oneida Nation Men's Council; and Keller George, president of the United South and Eastern Tribes and Wolf Clan Representative to the Oneida Nation Men's Council.

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