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Introducing Indian Country Today Media Network’s “My Life”

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As we strive to cover what's going on in the world and bring it to you, we'd love for you to do one thing for us. Show us, through video or photos, the things in your life that inspire you. For video, we want you to make us mini-movies about your home, showcasing things are special, beautiful, or strange in places that no travel writer would ever know to look. Maybe it's your favorite diner, or the best place to watch the sunset, or a tour of your reservation or town. Consider this your directorial debut, and send us your three minute videos. The best one's will go up on the site!

We're also going to be doing a photo of the week that will be entirely reader generated. Budding photographers out there, snap pics of wildlife, urban life, reservation life, country life, whatever it is that you find beautiful, and we'll sort through them and put them up on the site with your name and your caption!

Send your videos (upload them to youtube or vimeo) and photos to

Guidelines For Videos:

Pick a few places that you love, that mean something to you, and that might work as places to visit for a traveler interested in authentic Indian Country. You can create a theme (the best hikes in my area, the best local food, the best festivals). You’re the director of this mini-movie, make it as visually compelling as you can, and tell a story with your visuals!

How To Make Your Movie:

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Find a good camera person, or, you be the director and get a good tour guide to carry out your vision in front of the lens.

Think of your script before you start shooting, it’ll make it easier to complete the process and create something compelling. Remember, this is a mini-film, so have a beginning, middle and end.

Film some pure visual/ambient scenes without anyone in the video.

Remember, loud environments make for hard-to-hear video, make sure you’re speaking clearly and closely to the mic.

No longer then three minutes.

If you’re going to add music, make sure it doesn’t take away from your travel film!