Intimate, Rare Footage of Mongolian Snow Leopard With Her Cubs

An expert wildlife cameraman from the Snow Leopard Trust caught this mom in her den with cubs

The endangered snow leopard is seldom filmed, but now this new mom has been, thanks to a very careful cameraman working on behalf of the Snow Leopard Trust, one of the groups involved in a long-term study of the animals in Mongolia's South Gobi desert. Other partners are Panthera, a wildcat-conservation organization, and the Mongolia Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, as well as the Mongolia Academy of Sciences, according to the trust's website.

The tots were born at the end of June and filmed in early July. According to the Snow Leopard Trust, the animals are native to Central Asia and range over a habitat the size of Greenland or Mexico, though only between 4,000 and 6,500 remain in the wild. Learn more about these magnificent creatures at the Snow Leopard Trust, and delve deeper into the world of the wildcat at Panthera.