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Internet-Breaker Kim Kardashian Gets Glam on Aboriginal Land (With Permission)

After her nude photos "broke" the Internet, Kim Kardashian jetted off to Australia to shoot a fashion spread for Australian Vogue magazine.
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This one reminds us of those Disney World commercials that featured Super Bowl or World Series MVPs announcing "I'm going to Disney World" after winning the big game.

Kim Kardashian, you've just broken the Internet, what are you gonna do next?

"I'm going to sacred Aboriginal land in Australia!"

A Daily Mail article reports that Kardashian spent Monday doing a photo shoot at Hole in the Wall Beach, on Jervis Bay in Australia.

The beach is on Aboriginal land, and prior to doing the shoot (for Australian Vogue) she had to obtain the consent of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community. She also had to promise to abide by Aboriginal values while a guest on their land.

The hosts said all went smoothly. "Our place is to look after country and to look after land," a member of the community told the Daily Mail. "We've been her for tens of thousands of years and the area is paradise. She respected all of that."

Kardashian was the talk of the globe last week thanks to a racy cover photo shoot for Paper magazine that featured topless and fully nude pictures that would (the magazine suggested) "break the Internet." Here is the safe-for-work cover, the rest of the shoot can be viewed online at

The 'work-safe' version of Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover. Source: