Inner Demon looks to expand venue list

LOS ANGELES - They started out, like many bands, jamming in garages, back yards or wherever they could to perfect their music and style. Now, two years later, the talented young musicians of the band Inner Demon are making their mark at some famous hot spots around Los Angeles - places like 14 Below in Santa Monica and The Roxy and Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, where they recently performed for the sixth time.

Redmond Duarte, Sioux/Omaha/Winnebago, co-founded the band along with friend and guitarist Ivan Castro in the spring of 2005. But solidifying their five-member band wasn't exactly easy. Duarte, Castro and Eric Godoy are the three original band members who were adamant about their quest to make some serious music and keep the band alive.

Two lead singers and three bassists later, their determination paid off. Cesar Abad and Jared Morrison, respectively, joined the band and the tight-knit group has remained ambitious and constant in their endeavors to be heard and perform their own music. They have already written some of their own songs. Duarte said he works on lyrics while Castro and Godoy work the music to fit their ''thrash metal'' style.

But staying true to their individuality and style is also important to the group, said Duarte. The 17-year-old drummer, the youngest member of the band, attributes his stage name - ''Shadow Hawk'' - to his American Indian heritage. His passion for music and the drums was obvious even before his band days when he owned a pair of drumsticks, but no drums; but that was no problem. He would pound around on anything he could while listening to his music. By the time he was 15, he was a talented, self-taught drummer. When he got serious about forming a band, his mother bought him the drums and numerous drumsticks, since he has been know to throw them out to the audience after his performances.

Although Duarte and his fellow band members are all class of 2007 high school graduates, their youth hasn't hindered them in any way as musicians. If anything, it allows them the time to grow and strengthen their reputation as a remarkable band. They have been more than ready to prove they are serious about their music. In fact, by the time they put on their caps and gowns for graduation, they had already completed their first demo.

But until they land a deal with a record label, Duarte said the band will continue to play where they can. And since a previously planned tour alongside a few other bands was canceled, the band is working on their own plans to perform out of state at various events over the summer.

Though the band is definitely together for the long haul, higher education is also on the agenda for everyone. Duarte said he plans to attend Citrus College in Glendora in the fall as a music major. And when they're not hitting the books, Inner Demon will surely be playing somewhere in Los Angeles and beyond.

For more information on Inner Demon, visit www.myspace.com/innerd.