Information on Indian Boarding School Attendees in Michigan Sought

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Information on Indian Boarding School Attendees in Michigan Sought

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe’s Michigan Industrial Indian Boarding School Committee is seeking information on members who attended the Indian boarding school in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, which was in operation from the 1890s to 1930s.

Information such as who attended, stories about the school, death records, or any other information is being sought.

“Discrepancies in the death records exist and information on any and all individuals can help to resolve these issues,” reads a press release.

Anyone with information can contact the Ziibiwing Cultural Center’s Research Center at 989-775-4748.

Below is a list of children who died while attending the boarding school and their parents.

Mt Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School Deaths 1895-1934

1892-Read Claud Pearns-15 yrs- Isaac & Mary Pearns

1894-Anna Jackson-William & Rosa Jackson

1894-David Chiffenrey?-John & Mary Chiffenrey

1894-lsaac Bird

1894-Peter Adams-Thomas & Eliza Adams.

1894-Sarah Adams-Thomas & Eliza Adams

1895-Joseph Bennet-Peter & Lucy Bennett

1895-Joseph Bennett-Peter & Lucy Bennett

1895-Matilda Bradley-Joseph & Mary Bradley

1895-Minnie Thompson-James & Mary Thompson

1895-Sarah Chingwah-Louis Chingwah & ?

1895-Willie Jackson -James & Sarah (Baldwin) Jackson

1896-Elsie Bradley- Joseph & Mary Bradley

1896-Joseph Chippewa-Joseph 1. Chippewa

1897-Grace Nottawa-Frank & Ines James

1898-Edward Messanger-Brother-Peter Messanger

1898-Emma Red Bird-John Red Bird & ?

1898-Lizzy Spruce-Ase Spruce & ?

1899-Alexander Shaw-parents unknown

1899-Eddie Winnie- Esther Winnie &?

1899-Edwin Andrew- David Andrew & Elizabeth Chipney

1899-lman? Silvo?- Silas Wamuquas & ?

1899-Jacob Magonse-Antoine Magonse

1899-Joseph Hardley-Dennis & Mary Jane Hardley

1899- Levi Jackson Jr – Martin & ? Jackson

1899-no name

1899-Samuel Shors/Shoes?- parents unknown

1899-Wm Widingoak-parents unknown

1900-Jas, Corbin-Joseph Corbin & Sophina Thomas

1900-Mary A. Casey-Peter Casey & ?

1900-Maud Lyons-Willie Lyons & Sarah Wheaton

1900-Pcler Eggleston- Solomon Eggleston & Nancy Wabenaw

1900-Peter 0 Fish-Fred 0 Fish & Vcresa Sononebc

1901-Anna Pontiac-Emery Pontiac & ?

1901-Emma Bill Jackson-Indian Bill &?

1902-Edward Green-parents unknown

1902-Esther Otto-Marcus Otto &?

1902-Jessie Chatfield-Thomas Chatfield & Emma Williams

1902-Samuel Foster- Samuel Foster & Nancy Williams

1902-S8r8h Watson-Amos Watson & ?

1902-Victoria Fichette-parents unknown

1903-Jenice? Kalkahgo-Geo, Kalkahgo & ?

1903-John Pontiac-Emery Pontiac & Nancy Pcbis

1903-Kinney Bradley- Joseph & Mary Bradley

1903-Lcwis Kcwaygoshkum?- John Kewaygoohkimc ? & ?

1904-Alice Chick urn-Frank Chickum & ?

1904-Amelia Battiee-John Sattiee & Mary Smi th

1904-David Will iams-John Williams & ?

1904- lda Johnson-Peter & ? Johnson

1904-Jarncs Jackson-James Jackson & Mary PaslUlu-Pashnce

1904-Jennie Bennett-Peter Bermett & Lucy Nelson

1904-Joseph Pontiac- Emery Pontiac & Nancy Peters

1904-Joseph Solomon-John Solomon & Mary ShcVago

1905- Ida Chibness-Jacob James

1905-Anable Wameguainc-Jno Wamegwaine ? & Helen F. Smith

1905-Blanchc Bellow- Mrs, Balenger

1905-Ceclia Rapp-Mary Rapp & ?

1905-Edward Chiner-parents unknown

1905-Jane Pontiac-Emcry Pontiac & Nancy Peters

1905-Lcwis Strong-Henry Strong & Nancy Nowgezhek

1905-Lirnan Jackson-parents unknown

1906-James Hamiliton-Jennie Hamilton & ?

1906-John Chippewa-Wm Chippewa & Mary Simon

1906-Louise Leareanx-Jannaine Learcanx & Jennet Fisher

1906-Mary Boucha-P, Boucha

1906-Mary Stone-? & Sarah Lamorandier

1906-Thomas Epson-Salomen Egron ? & Nancy Wabanan

1906-Ulysis S. Pelcher-Moses Pelchcr & Maria Peters

1907-Daniel Strong-Geo Strong & Martha Wagnagumse (Waymegvvanse)

1907-lda Boulton-Richard Boulton

1907-Wm. Thomas- parents unknown

1908-Bessie Iron s-Jacob Williams

1908-lda Boulton- Richard Boulton & Ann ie Labasash

1908-Louis Vallicr-Jason Vallier & ?

1908-Nancy Bennett-Peter Bennett & Rosi Nelson

1908-Rosa Elk-Daniel Elk & ?

1909-Andrew Thompson- Joe Thompson & Martha Corbin

1909-Emma Thompson-John Thompson & Elizabeth Johnson

1909-Esther Soloware? (Solomon)- John Solomon & Mary Shawgrun

1910-Alma Paul- Isaac Paul & ?

1910-Eunice Pego-Justice Pego & Mary Cabinson

1910-Francis Shaycaw-Eliza Shaycaw & ?

1910-Jennie Corbin-Thomas Corbin & Allie Peters

1910-John Thomas-Fred Thomas & ?

1910-Mary Corbin-Joseph Corbin & ? Thompson

1910-Roland Paul- Isaac Paul & ?

1911-Daniel Thompson-John Thompson & Charlotte ?

1911-Ely Wheaton-Joseph Wheaton & Susan Collins

1911-Theresa Chosea-Eugene Chosea &?

1911-William Bailey-James Bailey & ?

1911-William F. Winchester-Thomas J. Winchester & ?

1912-Elijah Jackson- James Jackson & Mary Pashiner (Pashnee)

1912-Jennett Thompson- Joseph Thompson & Martha Corbin

1912-Joseph Gravel-Mrs. Mamie LaBane-sister

1912-Mary Williams-John & ? Williams

1912-Robert Mark-Alfred Mark & ?

1912-Wesley Moses-David Moses & Martha Ashman

1913-Dolly Bennett-David Bennett & ?

1913-Elizabeth Adams-Thomas Adams & Eliza Peters

1914- Adam Paul-Mary Paul & ?

1914-Alice Walker-Jacob Walker & Anna Pete

1914-David Keway CloudS-Abram Keway Clouds & ?

1915-Lcna Hecbawas-Jos Hashawas &?

1916-Richard Foster-Phil etus Foster & ?

1916-Sampson Willi ams-James Williams & Mary Pickett

1917- Daniel Agosa-Albert Agosa & ?

1917-Aggie Foster-Solomon Strong & Maggie Foster

1917-Charlie Nisson-James Nisson & Edith Eike

1917-Naomi Pelcher-Peter Pelcher & Adaline Collins

1917-0scar Lahay-Louisa Lahay & ?

1918-Allison Peters-James Peters & Mary Nepoue?

1918-Bertha Wheaton- Joe Wheaton & Sussie Collins

1918-Dennison Pelcher- Peter Pelcher & Adaline Collins

1918-Ida James Fisher-John James Williams & Eliza Fisher

1918-Joseph Chippewa- Samuel & Angeline Chippewa

1918-Julia Bailey-Baney & Helen Bailey

1918-Lena Elk-Elijah Elk & Eliza Pinege

1918-LucilIe Chippeway-parents unknown

191 8-Rose 0’Deivian-Ambrose O’Deivian & Philomenk?

1919-Flossie Jackson Blackmer- Glen Blackmer & May Jackson

1919-Fred Foster-?man Foster & ?

1920-Edward Jackson-John & Lizzie Jackson

1920-Eileen Kay-Augur Kay & Martha Marshall

1920-Issac Ashquat-Chas Ashquat & Rose Issac

1920-Lena Otto-Peter Otto & Emma Jackson

1920-Naney Bennett-Daniel Bennett & Edith Issac

1920-Thelma Peters-Frank Peters & Grace Bennett

1920-William Corbin-Thomas & Susie Corbin

1921-Daniel Thompson-John Thompson & Charlotte Johnson

1921-Eva May Chapman-Bela Chapman & ?


1921-Wadle Shanans-Jacob Shanano & Agnes Salomon

1922-Edward Novotny-Albert Novotny & Margaret Paron

1922-Theodore Jackson-Cornelius Jackson & Martha Fisher

1922- Wallington Pelcher-Peter Pelcher & Adeline Collins

1923-Clarence Medavis-Johnson Medavis & Bertha Mosier

1923-Mary Bowen-George E. Bowen & Jennie Kijigobinease

1924-Alicc E. Fisher-Joe Fisher & Mary Trout

1924-Banche Bennett-Peter Bennett & Alma Tronsway? (Fronsway)

1924-Helen Andrews-Peter & Mary Andrews

1924-Laugers Collins-Israel Collins & Mary Francis

1925-Lewis Joseph- Samuel Joseph & Ida Williams

1925-Mary Shawagin-Smith Shawagin & Julia Smith

1925-Silas Hoot-Thomas Hoot & ?

1925-Zeulah Fisher-Joseph Fisher & Lcni Wabgeside

1926-Frederick Fisher-parents unknown

1926-Regina Fi sher-Nonnan Fisher & Pearl Nolta

1927-Henry Pego-James Pego & Jessie Bennett

1927-Henry Thompson-John & Charlotte Thompson

1930-David LaPointe- 17 yrs- Jason LaPointe & ?

1932-Gorden Miron-Joseph Miron & ?

1932-Rhoda Collins-Elliot Collins & Anna Chatfield

1933-Leota Segan-Joseph Segan & ?