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Indigenous youth recruited in Peru for special Web design course

LIMA, Peru - In an effort to increase the indigenous Latin American presence on the Internet, the Servindi organization is sponsoring a free Web design course for indigenous young people in Peru.

''One of the limitations that prevents indigenous Peruvian organizations from taking advantage of the Internet is lack of practical skills in managing Web sites or blogs through the use of free software,'' according to the Servindi press statement issued June 4 (accessible in Spanish by visiting ''Command of these resources would permit the indigenous organizations to administer their own Internet portals independently and at low cost.''

In July, Servindi will offer the ''Web site Administration, Using Free Software Course'' exclusively for young indigenous students in Lima, the nation's capital. Servindi officials will select 12 young men and women who meet the following qualifications: Sponsorship or presentation by a Peruvian indigenous organization; completion of studies in information science at the technical or university level (at least a second-year level with programming knowledge), or demonstrable Web site management experience; regular use of e-mail, Web navigation and searches, and access to a PC with Internet connection; and a basic command of HTML and related technologies.

Servindi will select students from across the country to include people from different regions and to include an equal number of young women and men. The course will run for two weeks, including 30 hours of instruction as well as in-class work and take home assignments. Certification of completion will be awarded after the student demonstrates his or her ability to develop and manage a real Web site for an indigenous organization.

The cost of the course is free, although students from the interior will have to pay for their own transportation, lodging and meals in Lima.

Serivindi is a volunteer-run information service for indigenous Latin America with contributors from all parts of the continent.