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Indigenous Sustainable Communities Design Course in New Mexico

The Traditional Native American Farmers Association is putting on its 2014 hands-on conference, the Indigenous Sustainable Communities Design Course.
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The Traditional Native American Farmers Association ( is putting on its 2014 hands-on conference, the Indigenous Sustainable Communities Design Course, at the Camino de Paz School/Farm, Santa Cruz near Espanola, NM.

Registration varies from $600-$1000 for Natives and non-Natives, plus scholarships and sponsorships, or $200 per day. This year’s intensive starts Wednesday, August 5 at 9:00am and runs until Friday, August 8 at 5pm. 

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Agenda includes seed saving, seed growing & conservation, sustainable farming on “small acreage”, building community around the farm, GE-GMO concerns, field trips, traditional foods, hands-on cooking, composting, vermicomposting, corn processing for home use, pozole (hominy) processing, hand processing of corn (milling, grinding) , tortillas, tamales, traditional games, discussions, evaluations, future community needs. It ends with an invitation to attend the annual community celebration at Tesuque Pueblo.

The actual conference started on July 27, with workshops on “Indigenous Solutions for a Sustainable Future” with a focus on indigenous women’s roles in sustainable communities at Camino de Paz School/Farm.

To see if you can still attend The Intensive, or better yet Sponsor an individual to attend, call Clayton Brascoupe at (505) 983-4047, or email at: TNAFA is an affiliate program of The Seventh Generation Fund.

Here are some evaluations from past students and participants:

“I learned more during this week than I have all my lifetime, thank you to my teacher.”

“Doing hands-on really works for everyone.”

“Now I can clean and germinate my own seeds.”

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“I learned a lot about drought and now I can prepare for drought.”

“It was a good thing to have pushed the physical limits of the crew.”

“The course gave me a perspective on the long term effects of swales.”

“Wonderful food and music made it special.”

“A lot of good ideas – but more, which is about connecting it all together, thanks to the organizers and funders for making this possible.”

“Amazing how much we accomplished in such a short time.”

“The course gave me great ideas that I hope to use when I return to my job and my land at home.”

“Elders spoke, people with experience working with the land, and spiritual connection and also the ‘disconnection’ of people, to the land.

“Very sensitive and respectful – linking permaculture to Native wisdom and traditions.”

“I continue to be impressed and inspired by the spiritual orientation of the course.”

“It showed people how to put energy in to the land.”

Alex Jacobs
Santa Fe NM
August 3, 2014