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Indigenous highlights 2004 Bayfront Blues Festival

DULUTH, Minn. - Foremost Native blues sensations Indigenous performed
before a crowd of about 25,000 at the annual Bayfront Blues Festival in
Duluth on Aug. 15.

With bassist Pte absent (on a brief family leave), brothers-in-law Robin
and Jesse Davey of the British blues duo "The Davey Brothers" filled in,
adding amplification and a modern edge to the one-and-a-half hour set.

Songs from their recently-released CD "Indigenous" - as well as "Rest of My
Days", "Little Time" and "Red House" reverberated through the beautiful
Bayfront Park, located between the harbor of Duluth and nearby Superior,
Wis. on Lake Superior's west end.

The band recently returned from a tour of England. "It's great to be back
in Minnesota," said lead singer/guitarist Mato Nanji, "We are having a
great time this summer on tour. The England visit was awesome! We really
appreciate all the support our fans have given us." Nanji displayed his raw
six-string guitar ability that is propelling him into legendary status. His
voice has never sounded better.

The past year has seen some changes in the composition of the band.
Percussionist American Horse departed for personal reasons. Drummer Wanbdi,
however, is still going strong on the drums and her ever-changing style
never ceases to amaze.

The band will perform on Sept. 21 during the grand opening festivities at
the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington,

Other performers for the 16th annual Bayfront Blues festival included
Lamont Cranston, Big Walter Smith & the Groove Merchants, Mick Sterling,
Little Richard and Gary U.S. Bonds. Attendance topped 40,000.