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Indigenous Food Day in Kansas

Haskell Indian Nations University is holding an Indigenous Food Festival to celebrate Indigenous Food Day.

On October 11, Aron Cromwell, mayor of the City of Lawrence, Kansas proclaimed October 22 to be Indigenous Food Day. To celebrate that, as well as National Food Day, which is October 24, Haskell Indian Nations University will hold an Indigenous Food Festival October 21-22.

The mission of the festival, according to, is “to restore balance in our relationship with the earth and our communities by increasing awareness of food, environment and health. By honoring the traditional teachings of our Indigenous relatives we restore respect for the blessings of food, soil, water, and air that we must have to ensure a healthy life for the next seven generations.”

As part of the festival there will be a health fair and work sessions on Indigenous Food Sovereignty; Water and Agriculture in NE Kansas; Youth Wellness; Reservation-based School Gardens, Urban Nutrition, and Cultural Nourishment; and KC Area Food Justice Initiatives.

There will also be an indigenous food cooking contest and a community potluck feast. The keynote speaker will be Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Nation of Oklahoma. She is a Native American rights activist, environmentalist and actress, and was chosen to speak to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Other presenters include Ben Yahola, Dr. Dan Wildcat, Danon Hare, David Pecusa, Eddie Joe Mitchell, Heidi Mehl, Joe Mason, Mary Knapp, Ruth Anna Buffalo, and Sasteh Mosley.

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