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Indigenous efforts already in use

I am writing in regards to the recent article about the climate change conference held in Indian country (Native Peoples Native Homelands Climate Change Workshop II). My forest (with the Rocky Mountain Research Station, University of Idaho and University of Montana) has been working on a process which can mitigate climate change. For nearly two years, numerous messages have been sent to Indian country, some directly to those mentioned in the article. No response.

The effort to involve Indian country is due to the fact that this process was originated first by indigenous communities in the Amazon, before contact with Columbus. Terra Preta “do Indio” and the results seen in the Amazon brought the Umpqua National Forest to a process that may allow for us to solve the wildfire hazard fuel problem and allow for the utilization of forest harvest residue (presently flared as a nuisance) for bio-energy. This process may also help remote tribes dealing with high forest fuel loads and/or invasive plant issues.

As a member of the Taos Pueblo, and a soil scientist, what struck me about this article was the comment that “our indigenous ingenuity to address the problems” of climate change can play a role. I agree with this concept; but want people to realize that “indigenous ingenuity” is currently being used, largely without Indian country. I want to encourage you to examine the scale to which “indigenous ingenuity” is currently being used. Not enough is being said about where or who originated this technology.

Please visit to see the scale of this potential product area for Indian country.

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– Jim Archuleta,

Idleyld Park, Ore.