Indians to receive $15 million in Labor grants


According to a press release from the Department of Labor, American Indians are set to benefit from more than $15 million in Pathways Out of Poverty training grants.

The grants are aimed at supporting programs that help disadvantaged populations find ways out of poverty and into economic self-sufficiency through employment in energy efficiency and renewable energy industries.

“These Pathways Out of Poverty grants will help workers in disadvantaged communities gain access to the good, safe and prosperous jobs of the 21st century green economy,” Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said in a release.

“Green jobs present tremendous opportunities for people who have the core skills and competencies needed in such well-paying and rapidly growing industries as energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

A portion of the grant awards – $7.9 million to the National Association of Regional Councils, $3 million to White Earth Bands of Chippewa and $4 million to Worksystems Inc. – are aimed at assisting Indian country participants with gaining certifications and on-the-job training for employment.

Labor officials said American Indians and other targeted populations will receive recruitment and referral services; basic skills, work-readiness and occupational skills training; supportive services to help overcome barriers to employment; and other services at easily accessible times and locations.

The grants are part of the stimulus act of 2009. A full list of the grants and project descriptions is online.