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Indians, horses and dogs

I am appalled to read that Elizabeth Cook-Lynn and James Riding In are championing, supporting and espousing the colonial government's genocidal practice of determining who is an American Indian and who isn't. The U.S. government's use of blood quantum was copied by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, as well as apartheid South Africa. I also add, the only other beings measured by blood quantum are horses and dogs.

Professor Ward Churchill has documentation that traces his Cherokee ancestry to the 1817 Cherokee rolls, which means he can trace his Cherokee blood back into the 1700s. I challenge every American Indian ''scholar'' to trace their national ancestry back to those dates. In fact, I challenge everyone.

Also, another important piece of information that is not brought up is the fact that Professor Churchill knows his clan. As indigenous people worldwide know, if you know your ancestry, you are who you say you are.

It was the Cherokees who asked Ward Churchill to become a member and he has this on videotape.

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- Russell Means

Porcupine, S.D.