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Indian Country Today Media Network Receives Four Clarion Awards

Indian Country Today Media Network received four 2013 Clarion Awards this year from the Association for Women in Communications.
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The Association for Women in Communications released the winners of its prestigious 2013 Clarion Awards and Indian Country Today Media Network received four honors.

The Clarions, according to the AWC website, are named for the medieval trumpet known for its clarity, and symbolize excellence in clear, concise communications from both women and men.

ICTMN’s winning submissions included:

The Chinook Connection by Jenni Monet; a story on J. Christopher Stevens, the United States Ambassador to Libya who lost his life in the Benghazi incident and who was a Chinook citizen. The Chinook Connection received an award for Major News Event – Magazine.

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Wed-Locked by Anne Minard; a story about the difficulties the Navajo Nation faces within its marriage system. The tribe’s clan system is becoming too restrictive and it’s getting harder to avoid running into—and marrying—relations. Wed-Locked received the award for Magazine Feature Article, External Publication – Circulation of 100,000 or less – Lifestyle.

The X-Rated Tragedy by Mary Annette Pember; a story about Mary G. who like her mother was driven by poverty and homelessness as well as an underlying racism that sanctioned the sexual degradation of Native women into prostitution as a means of survival. The X-Rated Tragedy received the award for Feature Article, External Publication – Circulation of 100,000 or less – Current News.

The final award was for a series of cartoons by ICTMN’s editorial cartoonist Marty Two Bulls Sr. who received the editorial cartoon award. The five cartoons covered topics such as the DNC and RNC tribal platforms; Mitt Romney and the Native vote; The controversial auction of the Black Hills; the alcohol being sold in Whiteclay; and illegal immigration.

A full list of finalists is available here. Other winners this year included Mother Jones, Ladies’ Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, LA Weekly, The Daily Beast, and Sports Illustrated among others.

The announcement follows the recent awards announcement of the Native American Journalists Association 2013 NAJA Media Awards where ICTMN received 12 awards. (Related story: Indian Country Today Media Network Honored With Multiple NAJA Awards)