Indian Beauty Pageant


The Pendleton Round-Up, part of the Happy Canyon Indian Pageant and Wild West Show, celebrated its centennial this past September, in Pendleton, Ore., 98 young women competed in the American Indian Beauty Contest. The pageant offers a softer, clearly more beautiful component to the Pendleton Roundup, which features rough stock rodeo, daredevil cowgirls, and, sadly, until recently was the stomping ground of the world’s oldest rodeo clown, 100-year-old Allen “Monk” Carden.

The show itself includes Native Americans from various tribes who come from all over the Pacific Northwest to take part in the festivities. As for the pageant, 21-year old Latonia Andy, pictured above, was the winner. Latonia is a Yakama/Umatilla/Cayuse, and was wearing many of the regalia her great-grandmother wore when she won this same contest in 1940.