Incident: Domestic or political?


HORTON, Kan. - Deposed Kickapoo Vice Chairwoman Thelma Simon said the bitter battle within the tribal council has become violent and was brought into her home in an April 11 incident.

Simon said her daughter"s boyfriend was stabbed and intruders "tried to beat up my daughters, then they told them ?We"re gonna get our guns and we"re going to come back, so you better watch your back, tonight and tomorrow."

Simon was recently removed from her elected office as Kickapoo vice-chairwoman.

"My kids have been traumatized,." she said.

Simon said her daughters had been harassed the day before by a Kickapoo tribal officer who is a nephew of Norene Negonsott, the Kickapoo treasurer who succeeded Jimmy Cisneros who was removed from the council with Simon and elected Chairman Steve Cadue. In February, Simon and Cadue demanded the resignation of Negonsott and others on the council.

On April 11, while Simon and one of her daughters were away at a sweat lodge, her home was forcibly entered and her daughters were terrorized. "They came with the intent of hurting somebody or intimidating," Simon said. One of the intruders, not a friend of her daughters, is another nephew of Negonsott. "They cussed me out which is kind of weird, I don"t even know these boys."

The Brown County Sheriff"s office describes the knife wound, suffered in the fracas, as a defense wound.

Keenan Soto is being held by the sheriff"s on charges of aggravated battery and two others were arrested. Sheriff"s officers are continuing the investigation. Although a spokesperson said it is believed the incident maybe tied to political upheaval in the area, further comment was declined.

Meanwhile, Thelma Simon and her girls are staying at an undisclosed location.