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Inaugural Tribal Wealth Management Symposium: March 30-31

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What: Native Nation Events proudly presents its first annual Native Nations' Wealth Management Symposium. This event will cover topics pertinent to financial literacy, a crucial subject for tribal communities and economic development. Topics to be covered include transparency in financial transactions, community development lending, investments and services, and how to efficiently run a business. This symposium will offer unparalleled networking opportunities and provide the most information for attendees in the most efficient amount of time. It will allow people to meet tribal leaders and executives actively involved in the financial market.

Who should attend:
Tribal leaders, economic development professionals, investors in and those looking to initiate relationships in Indian Country, finance and legal professionals, treasurers, consultants, investment analysts, institutional investors, economists, portfolio managers, accountants, financial controllers, government officials, and other professional service firms looking to enhance their company's exposure for providing products and services to the growing market of finance and investment.

When: March 30 - 31, 2011

Los Angeles, California