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'In Like a Lion,' a Poem by Janet Marie Rogers for the Spring Equinox

Janet Marie Rogers, Mohawk and Tuscarora, is the Poet Laureate of Victoria, BC, and a contributor to ICTMN -- for more of her work, visit her ICTMN archive here. Consider this a harbinger -- April is National Poetry Month, and we'll be bringing you more poems by Rogers and other Native poets.

In Like a Lion

blew in
bringing the entire family
rain storm hail sisters
condensed clouds fused to make grey
sky ceiling screaming under pressure
underground creatures feeling things shift
above them knowing on this day
to take cover and remain

brings us
new ways of thinking
revisiting old friends
while dreaming
pushing our memories to and fro
torrnado warnings can't protect
or prevent what's coming
its like emotional forecasts
we can never be ready for
can taste the doom in the air
change vibrates like the weakest
of limbs clinging to forces stronger
than themselves

is exciting and threatening
where will this shift take us
away from places of comfort
we build our reality inside stillness
but she is here to shake us up
break us up so finding each other
again becomes our purpose
find me

Janet Rogers Mohawk Tuscarora 2013